About Alysia

Board Certified Behavior Analyst & Certified Professional Life Coach

I help high-achieving and high-potential women who struggle with overwhelm, feeling “stuck”, and limiting beliefs. My programs help them to pursue their purpose and create a simplified and fulfilled life. I empower and equip women to pursue the life they desire and deserve so they can experience more joy and peace and have margin for what they really want and what matters most.

With more than a decade of experience, I help individuals improve behaviors that make the most impact on their lives and I am committed to providing my clients with comprehensive and effective services. I received my Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Child Development from Florida State University, and my Masters of Arts in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of South Florida. I am also a graduate of Christian Coach Institute, accredited by the International Coach Federation.

My Story

How I Got Started

For nearly 8 years, I owned a pediatric behavioral therapy clinic serving hundreds of children and families. It was such a great privilege to work with so many beautiful families and to have the opportunity to teach children the behaviors and skills we often take for granted.

However,  when I became a mom (on top of being a business owner, a wife, and all my other various roles) my focus shifted and helping moms turned into my passion.


Because as a behavior analyst, on a daily basis I would encounter beautiful moms that were trying their best to “do all things” but kept falling short, which left them feeling exhausted and defeated.

And they were not alone, I too knew how difficult it was to try to keep it all together (without falling apart in the process). So I knew I had to do something to help real moms like me and with my experience as a mom and Board Certified Behavior Analyst I was equipped to do just that. 

This passion and desire to help became the catalyst that drove me to create my blog, TheRealMomKit.com and become a mom empowerment coach & joy strategist. 

"Coach Alysia helped me to think ahead about interactions I would have with my team and how to best address them.She helped me to develop and own my voice as a leader. She gave space for me to hear myself and help direct me to a place of growth. "

Coaching Client

"Coach Alysia was amazingly patience, encouraging and empowering during our conversation. Her questions allowed me to really take a snapshot and experience what Faith looks like moving forward with each day. Making each day count...Coach Alysia allowed me to just soak up what the Holy Spirit downloaded in my heart."

– Coaching Client

"Alysia is an incredible resource to have. For several years I have been praying for “someone to guide me in identifying and reaching my goals” and Alysia is the real deal. Her background in behavior analysis and overall life experience is evident in the questions she asks. She is concise yet not too forward in identifying the root cause and limiting factors. In one hour she was able to do what would have taken three sessions with another highly trained coach. I would highly recommend her."

-Coaching Client

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