Want a better life? A more fulfilled life? While changing your life for the better can be difficult, and take time, there are many simple steps you can take right now. Activating action and taking steps, even if they’re small, builds momentum and gets you closer to your ultimate goal…a better and more fulfilled life.

A Better Life Today

It’s easy just to look, right? Of course it is. That’s why the first step in my She SHIFTS Signature Method for effective change is to see yourself (aka self-awareness). In order for us to make effective change, we must be able to take a step back and see ourselves, thoughts, behaviors, feelings, and values through an objective and reflective lens. Start looking for specific ways to make your life better, and to improve yourself. This new found awareness is preparing you for better life that awaits you. Thinking about change sets your mind and your motivation in motion.

Remember, progress is a process and real change does not happen in an instance. Yes, this will take effort and time. But don’t look for excuses to avoid difficult tasks. DO the possible! Just do what you can to make things better today, in any small way. Seeing results will motivate you for the more difficult steps.

Consider some of the following simple actions.

1. Take Inventory:

What do you want? What are your values? Is your current life in alignment with these desires and values? Write down some things you’d like to change. This makes the possibility more real, and gets your mind working. Eventually you can make this “wish list” into real goals, with a specific plan.

2. Create your “Best Self” List:

List out 5 things you are great at or 5 qualities that come naturally to you. Next, list 2 positive qualities that describe you but requires energy for you to show that way. Lastly, list 1 area that you need to improve in. Now that you have your list, work everyday to take steps to show up as your “best self”.

3. Management Stress Effectively:

Try closing your eyes and breathing deeply through your nose, whenever you feel stressed. Stress is one of the biggest impediments to a better life. Simple stress-management techniques like this can help a lot, if you make them a habit.

Manage stress for a better life

4. Acknowledge the Good:

List the good things that you do have. Appreciating the good around you and practicing gratitude is an immediate mood enhancer. This may seem cliché, but a good mood makes life better. Ever buy a new car and start seeing the same car everywhere? The same thing happens when you buy into an idea. Imagine how it will affect your frame of mind to start seeing good things everywhere.

acknowledge the good for a better life

Take Steps for a Better Life Today

I could go on, but I don’t know what your goals and needs are. The point here is to get you thinking, and then taking whatever actions you can. If you thought about the whole process, you might never build a house, but it’s easy to nail one board in place, right? (And then one more, and one more…). Remember, do the possible.

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